Make Your Own Snow Globe


Snow globes.  You’ve seen them in the shops since you were a kid, but did you ever think of making one?  Well it’s much easier than you think, and makes a fab festive daytime activity that will keep you and your family amused for hours.

What do I need?

Jars- Anything clear with a lid will do!
Glitter/ Confetti- Snow
Glue- Make sure it’s not water soluble
Glycerol- You can substitute this with corn syrup/liquid glucose/clear baby oil
Festive decorations- Think snowmen, Christmas trees, etc. If you want to be extra creative try making your own by drawing/printing pictures and laminating them.  This could be a picture of your pet pooch or your best mate

OK, I’m sold!  How do I do it?

  1. First you need to glue your decorations to the underside of the lid of your jar
  2. Once this has dried, fill your jar with water (or baby oil) and add your glycerol until the mixture thickens
  3. Add your fake snow in small amounts until you’re happy with the ratio
  4. Pop the lid on the jar, you can glue this on if you like (Mine leaked so I had to)

A Little Science Behind Glycerol

So why does Glycerol make the snow fall more slowly?  Glycerol (Also known as Glycerin) is a simple molecule that is found throughout your body, and is one of the main building blocks of the cell membrane surrounding every cell in your body.  It has three hydroxyl (OH) groups, which are able to form hydrogen bonds with the water molecules in your snow globe.  This stops the molecules from being able to move around as easily (creating “molecular friction”), increasing the viscosity of the solution.  This friction will slow down the movement of the snow.

So there you have it, your very own snow globe!

“And so this is Christmas, I hope you had fun…”


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