Words will never hurt you, but thoughts might

Disclaimer– We at Antisense Science value the importance of peer reviewed research.  The paper you are about to hear about was indeed peer reviewed and was published in a journal, however whether it is “sound science” is still being disputed.  Whilst a little controversial, we see the value in challenging the norm, and so we supported Emily’s decision to post this article.  We hope you enjoy it!  Now on with the science…

Are thoughts living things? You may have been told that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it, but what is the impact of thinking it? A study in 2006 by Radin et al. aimed to address this by seeing how thought changed ice crystal formation.

In Tokyo around 2000 people thought positively about water samples in California. As a control water samples were also placed in different locations, of which the group in Tokyo were unaware of and therefore did not think of.  The water samples were then frozen and the ice crystals that formed were compared. To compare these crystals, photographs were taken and judged on aesthetic appeal by 100 people. These judges were unaware of where these samples were taken from, thus had no way of knowing if the crystals were from samples thought about positively or not thought of at all. Interestingly the ice crystals which formed from water samples that were thought of positively were assessed as being more aesthetically pleasing than the ice crystals formed from water not thought of at all.


Similarly Dr. Emoto has also done similar experiments on the effect of thoughts on rice. In this experiment, rice was placed in three jars and covered in water. To one jar he said, “thank you” for a month, to the second he said, “you idiot” for a month and the last he ignored. After the month the rice in the ‘thank you’ jar was still white, where as in the ‘you idiot’ jar the rice was black and in the third it was mouldy. This experiment has been repeated by various people and shows the same results. Check out the videos below.

Does this show that our thought have an effect on the properties of water? If so what does that mean for the human body? Remember the body is around 70% water. If positive thoughts have a positive effect on water, will they also have a positive effect on the health of the individual and is the reverse true? Can you harm an individual just by thinking negative thoughts about them? I for one think this is an interesting topic, and although I am dubious, it doesn’t hurt to think nicely about someone. Maybe the saying should be changed to…

If you have nothing nice to say don’t think it.






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