Simple Science

So you like science but you don’t want to hear all the confusing jargon associated with it?  Here are a few introductions to some topics we think you’ll find interesting.

Now that’s what we call simple science!

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If genetics refers to the coding sequence of our DNA, what is epigenetics?  ‘Epigenetics’ encompasses factors that affect how our genes are expressed, but which aren’t a change in the actual coding sequence. These are often modifications to the structure of the DNA – it’s like having the same string of letters but some are in different sizes, or are in bold font, and so are more pronounced (and therefore that modified gene is expressed more than the other genes).

DNA repair

DNA is the genetic map that defines who we are.  It’s found in the nucleus of every one of our cells, and is made up of a number of different bases which when put together code for every action our cells take.  Whether it’s producing an enzyme to break down our food or fighting off invading bacteria, everything we do is governed by our DNA.  But what happens when this gets damaged?

Protein Structure

Derived from the Greek word “prtos” meaning “first”, proteins are much more than simply stuff that makes a steak. In fact proteins are hugely variable molecules involved in sight, digestion, growth and pretty much any process in the body you care to name.


Why do we get tired?  And how does caffeine help us stay awake?  A simple introduction to the science of sleep.


What causes us to fall in love?  And does your heart really rule your head?  Find out more about the neurobiology of love.

Blood Types

How do blood types work? And who can give blood to whom?  Click on the link to find out more.

Circadian Rhythms and Running

How does your biological clock affect your performance?

Smoking and Addiction

So we all know smoking is bad for us – we were told when we were kids, and even the packets have warning messages and gruesome pictures to try and help us kick the habit! So why do people still smoke?



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